So you have been booked for an extended set for the first time in your DJ life. Great! Most disc jockeys playing a lot of gigs will at some point get the break to take on a marathon gig and spin tracks for long hours. But, are you perplexed about the ways to prepare for sets which last all night long? No worries! All you need to do is check out the handy guide below.

The average set time for a ‘typical’ DJ set runs anywhere from a quick 45 minutes to the longer 4-hour set. But, when the time behind decks start stretching on for more than 5 hours, it becomes more of a marathon and less of a simple set. While it’s true that longer DJ sets are difficult, they allow professionals to express themselves melodically and play music without the limitation of BPM range and genre.

Read on to check out a few useful tips on ways to program music for longer sets.

DJ Hire In Colchester: Tips To Program Music When Playing DJ All Night Long

  1. Warm-Up

Warming up a vacant venue or club is a form of art since playing to an empty room and setting the vibe when there’s no one around is not an easy task. It is your responsibility to create the perfect ambience as well as set the mood for the rest of the evening. So when choosing records for your warm-up set, you must choose tracks which make people feel at ease and relaxed.

  1. On The Floor

When the crowd starts building, make a transition into music which is more dance-floor friendly. Increase the tempo of the tracks you’re playing and start encouraging the first dancers to get grooving on the floor. Ensure you have some go-to tracks prepared so that you can easily break the ice and convince few people from the audience to bust some moves on the dance floor.

  1. Main Attraction

As a professional committed to offering professional DJ hire in Colchester, you must know how to liven up any party. To achieve success when playing extended sets, you must play the biggest tunes once you get the floor moving. The crowd always responds well to songs which they know and this is the perfect time for you to play the big tunes.

  1. Cool Down

After a long night, the bartenders will get antsy to close down the club and may even let you know when it’s time for the last call. Ensure your music follows the suit Late night is the ideal time for you to play more soulful music like techno and deep house or some classic R&B if you’re into urban music. While the vibe and energy might be brought down at this point, your music should still keep people grooving.

  1. Last Song

Every DJ should finish the set with a special last song. This might be a favourite song of you and doesn’t necessarily be in the same genre you play. If you’re someone who plays regularly, the crowd will recognise your last song easily. Choose your last song wisely since you will want to give your audience something special which they can remember you by.

Time to embark on the adventure of playing the first long gig!