Getting hitched anytime soon? Congratulations! You must be busy planning the perfect wedding. But, are you worried about ways to host the perfect party? Well, ensuring your wedding reception is entertaining is the key to having your guests talking about your wedding for the years to come. Trust us; nothing will make your special day go down better in the family history than making sure every guest has an absolute blast!

It goes without saying that a gorgeous venue and beautiful flowers are some of the most vital elements of a stunning wedding. However; you need to know that there’s much more to an epic party than picture-perfect decor. Experts suggest you need to provide great entertainment, memories as well as fun for your guests to ensure your party is a huge hit among all your invitees. But, how can you be creative while planning fun stuff for your wedding reception?

Here are a few useful tips to ensure you have a fun wedding reception.

4 Tips To Ensure Guests Have An Absolute Blast At Your Wedding Reception

  1. Ask For Song Requests

Have each of your guests request a song of their choice through the invitation response to ensure everyone has a great time at your party by dancing the night away. Once you have the requests from your guests, give the list of songs to your wedding DJ along with the name of the people who requested each of those songs. This way, the DJ can start playing songs from the ‘request list’ even when the dance floor starts thinning out.

  1. Add An Element Of Surprise

Is there anyone who doesn’t enjoy a special surprise at a wedding? You and your partner can perform a practised couple dance routine. Or you can hire a group of dancers or singers disguised as waiters to break out into a dance or song during the dinner. When you provide such a ‘WOW’ factor, you can be assured that your guests will have a blast. Remember; nothing can be more memorable than adding a surprise element.

  1. Hire A Reputed DJ

Opting for reputed DJ hire in Essex can be the key to a remarkable wedding reception. Wondering why? Well, regardless of how small or big your ceremony is, it is a DJ who can make or break a party. Hiring a skilled performer with great dance moves, great vocals as well as great spunk can have each of your guests up on their feet until dawn. What makes hiring a DJ more beneficial is seamless song transitions and the ability to read the crowd.

  1. Ensure You Thank Your Guests

One aspect which you should definitely keep in mind is to thank your guests. Letting each of your guests know how much you and your partner personally appreciate them coming up for your big day is very important. Though you may find it hard to believe, this one simple step can make a huge difference. So, it is always advisable to thank your guests genuinely for taking time off their busy schedule for your big day.

So what are you still waiting for? It’s time to plan the perfect wedding reception!